Tactile models/images, tactile orientation map, reading aid


We offer numerous solutions regarding accessibility in exhibition areas.

- tactile orientation maps, guidance systems
- 3D Braille or prisms fond in various colours (DIN 32986:2012-04)
- tactile images or paintings as revised 3D relief
- tactile models or touch objects
- 3D maps
- prototype of a patented reading aid for Iphone

Corian® is the ideal material for this purpose:

Due to its mineral percentage, it has significant, nearly steely haptics.
(density approx.1.700kg/m³)
Intensively used surfaces can easily be cleaned and reworked. This is particularly important for models or objects which are accessible to the public.


Berlinische Galerie Taktile Bilder_4431
Scale: 1:1
Material: Corian®
Technique: 3D-CNC
Year: 2013
Category: Accessibility

Barth Taktiles Modell groß_4070
Scale: 1:50
Material: Corian®
Technique: 2D-CNC, glass bead blasting
Year: 2013
Category: Accessibility, interior, museum buildings
Presentation model

Franke Steinert Tastplan Technikmuseum_2211
Scale: 1:200
Material: Solid wood, steel
Technique: 2D-CNC, laser engraving
Year: 2009
Category: Accessibility, plates

LBB Orientierungssteine Monreal_1959
Scale: 1:1
Material: Concrete, bronze
Technique: 3D Print, 5axis-CNC, moulding technique
Year: 2010
Category: Accessibility, historical buildings, topographic models, outdoors
Presentation model

Stroh Prototyp_3126
IPhone reading aid
Scale: 1:1
Material: Corian®
Technique: 2D-CNC, camera, screen
Year: 2010
Category: Accessibility

Deutsches Hygienemuseum Wegweiser
Scale: 1:1, 1:200
Material: Polystyrene, PU foam
Technique: 2D-CNC
Year: 1999
Category: Accessibility, plates

Franke Steinert 15 Tastobjekte_1742
Scale: 1:1
Material: PU foam
Technique: 3D-Scan, 5axis-CNC
Year: 2008
Category: Accessibility

Avakian Landkarten_4185
Scale: 1:1, 1:8000
Material: Polystyrene
Technique: 5axis-CNC, deep-drawing
Year: 2013
Category: Terrain model, Arabia


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